Penberthy-Prideaux Family Vacation

Wow. Iceland, man.

Another Penberthy-Prideaux vacation has come to an end. The last time Penberdeaux got together was in 2008. A whole 8 years has passed!  Since then, Morgan and I have graduated from middle school, high school, and are both going into our SENIOR year of college! I feel like an old person when I say, “where did the time go!!” The Penberthy-Prideaux crowd gets along so well with each other. There has been constant joking, reminiscing on the past, and belly laughter.

So, here’s the quick and dirty of how our Iceland trip went:

Saturday, August 13:

Mom, Dad and I arrive in Iceland. We take the long way to drive our rental car to the rental house we have for the week. While driving, we recognize the fact that there are NO police officers anywhere and that there are sheep roaming around with no barrier keeping them away from the road – meaning we see sheep. Literally. Everywhere.

Sunday, August 14:

The Penberthy’s arrived at the rental house at 4:00am local time – what fun! Then we all slept like it was our job. After that, the Penberthy’s went to a local geothermal bath while the Prideaux’s went exploring waterfalls! Yay, #adventure!

Monday, August 15:

Still not on a regular sleep schedule, we got up early and had a full day with Midgard Adventures! This is the same adventure company who took care of me while I was on The Green Program in the winter of 2014. I had such an amazing experience with them that I told my parents we MUST plan something with them while on this trip. Midgard Adventures went above and beyond to make sure we had fun and created everlasting memories. They were just as kind and pleasant to work with as before. Our guide’s name was Thorir – we called him Thor, which was probably completely annoying to him, but, what can we say? We’re loud, fun Americans! He took us on a ~Super Jeep~ into Thorsmork (is it just me, or does that seem coincidental?). We saw a rainbow as we left – it was magical.

Tuesday, August 16:

We slept in. We chilled out. It was raining. We had hot chocolate. It was awesome.

Wednesday, August 17:

Another day with Midgard Adventures!!! We had Thor back, too! Today’s quest was biking. Not regular, suburban biking, but I-feel-like-I’m-going-to-die-here-at-any-second kinda biking. Many times throughout the trek there were almost-bite-it moments because of the mud and rocks. Mrs. Penberthy and Morgan decided to try out biting-it, and they jumped back up like super-women. While we were all struggling hard, Thor was trotting along, not making a single huff or puff – he made everything look so easy.  Also, we are going to be famous soon! 😉 During the biking adventure, Midgard had a cinematographer, Wesley Johnson follow us around to get footage for promotional purposes. Let’s just say this: if you tune on to local Icelandic reality TV, you might just see the smiling faces of the Penberdeaux’s Icelandic Adventures.

p.s. Morgan helped me write this post, because she is way better at this kinda stuff than me.

Mark Wilkin

Great recap. Be careful out there!