2017 RUF Fall Conference


Yes, I love shooting weddings, engagements, and graduates. Although I still get to pursue photography in my free time, as of right now, I am called to Lexington, Va to do full-time ministry with Reformed University Fellowship at Washington & Lee University. I spend my days with the amazing students of W&L, completing a study program, getting coffee, and learning and growing in Jesus alongside a seasoned Campus Minister.

This past weekend was our RUF Fall Conference down in Tuxedo, NC, Camp Greystone. We, as well as 12 other universities, joined together to worship, hear from God’s Word, and have a whole bunch of fun. I can’t believe working with RUF is my full time job. I love this position. I love these students. We are only in the first month of school at Washington & Lee, but I have already been accepted into and loved by this community. The weekend had its own difficulties and breakthroughs for me and my students. I am so proud of my girls, seeing their ability to carry each others burdens, even my own, as we are learning to die to ourselves and our desires and follow Jesus.

Below are the pictures I took throughout the weekend. What a sweet surprise it is that I can still utilize my love of photography in ministry. Thank you to my Campus Minister, Lewis, and the rest of the RUF Staff for putting together such an awesome time of fellowship!


Lewis was the MC of the weekend, and he did a great job at making everyone laugh!

Thanks to Clemson for leading worship!



















Look how cute my girls are!










Clemson and University of South Carolina duked it out for glory on the football field.














Duck, duck, GOOSE!















Lewis has this game called stupid ninjas, and I was cracking up the whole time taking these pictures.




Our crew!


Emma ernst

Sweet pictures that capture precious moments. What a fun weekend! Loved being together with RUF, my people!!