Aaron & Briana Engaged

This past Friday was a brisk one. The weather is changing, and I am thankful Aaron & Briana were willing to bare the cold weather. When I was waiting in my apartment, I believe the last time I saw these two was at at LEAST a year ago, at Aaron and Bri’s graduation. They were both one year ahead of me. I had the pleasure of getting to know Briana through our Economics class as well as multiple extra curricular activities. Briana and I truly had some fun times in college together. She was always so kind and generous to me being a year younger. We became fast friends, and I am so flattered I will soon be shooting their wedding come 2018.

When we were walking back to the car after their engagement shoot, Bri showed me their wedding venue, and oh my goodness gracious, y’all. It’s stunning. We are going to have so much freakin’ fun, I can’t even stand it. Let the countdown begin! Until then, enjoy their engagement pictures!