Adam & Alicia

I have had the pleasure of becoming Adam & Alicia’s friend over these last couple months. They live right down the street from me! I get to see them in coffee shops, walking on the sidewalk, and they’ve even welcomed me into their home. This Sunday was their wedding day. It was stunning, personal, and filled with celebratory tears. As you will see below, Alicia’s First Look with her father was one of the most tender I’ve seen. I love this couple, and I adore how these photos turned out.

Both Adam’s and Alicia’s friends are unbelievable. Sisters, bridesmaids, military friends, they were supportive and all in with celebrating the new couple! The laughs and tears you see are genuine and show the intimacy these families share with one another. What a fun way to start their lives. Congratulations Adam & Alicia. I can’t wait to see where your surprise honeymoon will be! (I’m sure Alicia can’t wait either! haha)

Enjoy these, friends!














































I just can’t.