I am overjoyed that I was able to photograph Dave & Kaila’s wedding. They are both my neighbors in Lexington, and I have come to love them dearly over these last two years. They were married at stunning location: Big Spring Farm, owned by the sweet Buddy & Jill Powers.

Dave and Kaila met each other working at the local Rockbridge YoungLife camp. Now they are married! Their wedding was just like them, relaxed and made me have a smile on all day. I hope you two enjoy these photos. They are truly a labor of love.

Converse for the win!

I loved that Kaila had a tribute to her Father and Brother.

Sweet Dave was nervous-excited for the first look.

I had to put this one in here, SJ is trying not to look at Dave because… ya know, tears.

You may kiss the bride!

The three besties

Aren’t they a beautiful couple?!

Big Spring Farm is stunning.

Dave’s father (left) had the job of shucking and serving the oysters.

Little did they know during this photo, but Dave & Kaila’s friends are under that red blanket in the back of the car… what a surprise that was!