I am overjoyed that I was able to photograph Dave & Kaila’s wedding. They are both my neighbors in Lexington, and I have come to love them dearly over these last two years. They were married at stunning location: Big Spring Farm, owned by the sweet Buddy & Jill Powers.

      Dave and Kaila met each other working at the local Rockbridge YoungLife camp. Now they are married! Their wedding was just like them, relaxed and made me have a smile on all day. I hope you two enjoy these photos. They are truly a labor of love.

      Converse for the win!

      I loved that Kaila had a tribute to her Father and Brother.

      Sweet Dave was nervous-excited for the first look.

      I had to put this one in here, SJ is trying not to look at Dave because… ya know, tears.

      You may kiss the bride!

      The three besties

      Aren’t they a beautiful couple?!

      Big Spring Farm is stunning.

      Dave’s father (left) had the job of shucking and serving the oysters.

      Little did they know during this photo, but Dave & Kaila’s friends are under that red blanket in the back of the car… what a surprise that was!


      Beautiful pictures! So happy for you both, the wedding looked not only beautiful but fun. Hope to some day meet Dave and if you are ever in Fl. you are welcome to stay with us. God Bless you both, Nancy

      Lori Bethand Mike Lillie

      These pictures are absolutely stunningly beautiful! We are so excited for your new life together in Christ as husband and wife. We love you and can’t wait to meet Dave. We have room for you if you ever want to visit the Allyn/Belfair area by Seattle. I guess your aunt Linda justed to live here. Love you so much. God Bless you richly.

      Dear Kaila & Dave,
      So excited that you have found each other. I send my prayers to you for a long life together full of the same love I see in each of these pictures of you!

      This was perhaps the most beautiful, sweet, and fun weddings to which I have ever been. I am beyond excited for the life the two of you have and will have together and with Christ. Keep Him first and as your foundation. We are so happy to “Uncle Dave” in the family!! Take your time on those “fake cousins,” but know we will welcome them with giant, loving, open arms when the time comes! Sorry…I had to do it…

      Thanks so much. Very appreciative of my time with you and hope our paths may cross again soon.
      All my love, Kaila

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