This wedding was a gift to me.

Kris & Chiffy are friends from my time in Lexington. This wedding not only let me serve a Godly and sweet couple, but also allowed me to see my favorite places and people in Virginia. It was a weekend of smiles, hugs, catching up, and bittersweetness acknowledging that I am called somewhere else right now. I am happy to be in St. Louis pursuing the things I love, but I miss these faces. I miss these streets. I miss these mountains.

Kris & Chiffy are in love & now married!! I hope you two are having a blast, and hey! please invite me back to Lex sometime, would ya?? You two are truly gifts to each other & those around you. I could see nothing else but your friends’ and family’s love for you this day. Enjoy these snapshots of your day. <3

Chiffy & the bride’s mother sang a song together during the ceremony. *tears*

Kris & Chiffy shared communion together


This was a really fun Bridal Party!

On the Right, I told them to “SQUEEEZE!”

The Virginia Reel! How has this been the first time I’ve seen this at a wedding! Amazing!

Like father, like son

I had to get a photo of a past ABP Couple! Love you, Dave & Kaila!