Hello there!

      My name is Ann Beverley, and thank you for visiting my little part of the Internet!

      I’m RVA-made but currently call the Blue Ridge Mountains in Lexington, Va home.

      Virginia Tech is my favorite place in the world. I am proud to say that I’ve been successfully brainwashed by the Hokie community.

      You can ask me any question about Jimmy Fallon, and I will probably know the answer.

      Going, seeing, and experiencing are things I tend to enjoy, so I try to explore any chance I get.

      I am a follower and lover of Jesus. Being an imperfect human, I am saved by His unending Grace every day.

      While doing life with some amazing sisters, brothers, and mentors, God allows me to capture precious moments along the way. I get to use this gift to love the hearts around me. I pray that this Love reaches your heart as well.

      Check out my right-hand woman, Hadley, below!

      Second Shooter & Social Media Guru

      Hey, hey! My name is Hadley! I’m thankful that you found your way here. I’m a true believer that there are no coincidences, so I hope to meet you in person one day!

      You’ve read about one of my biggest mentors & friends, Ann Beverley, above.  It’s certainly hard to follow a class act like her but here is my attempt:

      On a normal day, I can be seen driving around Blacksburg or Richmond in my bright red “Happy HC” licensed car.  If you see me, please honk and say hello! …But don’t honk too loud because I am notorious for having “almost accidents.”

      In that car, I am probably headed to something Virginia Tech related- I have a huge love for “Ut Prosim” and the spirit Hokie Nation captures in individuals.

      For me, being apart of this photography journey is about leading people to love themselves more.  That is where you will see Joy seep to the surface.

      I’m here to offer a helping hand, a different camera angle of your beautiful self, and to be an encouragement in whatever way possible.  I can’t wait to meet you!

      Come join us on this journey with us!