Fritz & Megan Engaged

Y’all. This is one of my favorite couples.

This #abpsweetheart story started this past Spring, taking Graduation pictures for my friend Maddie. She mentioned that her best friend just got engaged, and my ears perked up immediately. My thought process was, “Hey, Maddie is really cool. I’m sure her friend is really awesome too. I like to take pictures of awesome people. I should see if they need a photographer!” Low and behold they did! Fast forward to a couple days ago, and I finally got to meet this awesome couple, and they certainly did not disappoint.

Fritz and Megan are absolutely beautiful people, inside and out. Although I had not met these two before this engagement shoot, once we were together, it was like we had been friends our whole lives. They had the most positive energy despite the chilly temperatures. I am so thankful for their adventurous spirit and engaging humor.

I can’t wait to see you both, again, friends. 🙂