Justin & Mariah Wedding

This has certainly been a wedding in the waiting. These two have known each other for 7+ years of their lives, just as friends. Oh how times have changed. They are now married to one another! Justin & Mariah have been two of my good friends these past years. It was my pleasure to photograph their wedding and celebrate them on this special day.

One of my favorite moments was dancing at the reception (of which I partook joyfully with my boyfriend). It was a strictly swing-dancing-reception, and it was all sorts of amazing. Talk about a dream reception. Justin & Mariah also have a huge heart for people and love The Lord fervently. Their marriage and love for one another is only a shadow of the covenant our God has established with us. How great is our God!















Mariah wore her mother’s dress. How sweet!
































































Coffee Cake for the wedding cake!! yum!










The Groomsmen switched the Groom’s key for another, so when Justin went to start the car it was a NO GO! ha!