Cole & Caroline Proposal

Cole and Caroline got engaged yesterday at the place where they met for the first time 3 years ago: Big Spring Farm. Caroline, a senior-undergrad at Washington & Lee University and Cole, a second year Law student, also at W&L, decided to join their lives together. Friends and Family awaited down the hill for a joyful surprise celebration!

Having just moved to Lexington for my RUF Internship almost three months ago, I would have not expected such a lovely community handed to me with such ease and with such speed. Between my undergrad girls, the Younglife community and staff, and the church of Grace Presbyterian, I have felt loved and welcomed into this small town atmosphere. I felt that love yesterday as Cole professed his offer of marriage to Caroline, as well as the support system they’ve established here over the years. Blessings on your engagement, Cole and Caroline. Congratulations!



















Keith and Barbara Bollman

What a blessing to be with everyone and enjoy this moment with Cole, Caroline and our families and their friends.

Vicki Chastang

Congratulations!!! Prayers for years of abundant blessings and joy. With love, the Chastang and Bowser families