Matt & Carter Engaged

Well this is certainly a fun post for me to do. All throughout Tuckahoe Elementary School, Carter was my best friend. I am so blessed to have continued a deep friendship with her after attending different Middle and High Schools, and on throughout different college. We can always seem to pick up where we left off, and have the best time together.

I am honored to have shot Carter, and her fiance, Matt’s engagement pictures. What a cool way for me to love this adorable couple and their life they are about to start together. They have been dating for 7 years, and it’s amazing to see their head-over-heels love even now. They are so smitten with one another, and it’s the cutest darn thing. I am also thankful I got to spend more intentional time with Matt. He is funny, dedicated, and enjoyable to be around. What a lovely couple these two make.

Enjoy these pictures, y’all! I am obsessed with every one.