This is one of my favorite weddings I’ve ever been to. Becca & Jack have the most amazing friends & family! From beginning to end, their wedding day was full of laughter and love.

I’ve known Becca for a while now, and by extension, Jack too. Thanks to Becca and my’s mutual friend, Maddy, we have become good friends. I think that made the day all the more enjoyable for me. Also, there was a huge contingent of University of Virginia pals I miss seeing, now only at weddings! Jack & Becca clearly have deep love for one another and the many family & friends they keep. Both of their parents as well as siblings love them very much. The affection between Becca and her father was truly touching and made me teary throughout the day.

I am in love with these images, and I hope you will be too!

Papa Vang’s First Look at his daughter

How amazing is this sear-sucker suit!

Stunning! Stunning! Stunning!

Becca reading a letter from her Groom before the Ceremony
Becca gave her dad a handkerchief!

When the Officiant asked “Who gives this woman to be wedded?” Mr. Vang looked back at his wife for the nod of approval. <3

I’m OBSESSED with this tree!

This was so kind. The wedding was the same day as one of the Bridesmaid’s Birthday. So before cutting the cake, Jack & Becca surprised her by lighting candles and singing her Happy Birthday!

My besties! Nick & Maddy

A final touch with Dad <3