So y’all. This is a favorite couple. Davie is my current roommate and close friend. I could fill this entire blog post with how she has blessed me with steadfast friendship over our last 3+ years of knowing each other. To be concise, yet not comprehensive, Davie is gentle, compassionate, a well of wisdom, and she is the only one I could have done my first year of Grad School with. Stewart is the love of her life and a man of great strength, sensitivity and character. I have had the privilege of watching him love Davie with selflessness, patience and intentionality. I get to call him a friend, and that means the world to me.

I love these images of Stewart & Davie because I am reminded of their unique personalities. You’ll see their love, their giggles, and their kindness in each one. May they, as a couple, continue to bless those they come in contact with in their marriage, as they have done in their friendship with me.

Their first date spot!

Their engagement spot!