This was a wedding full of love, dancing, and sweet family. I feel honored to have been a part of it. Megan and James are the loveliest couple, filled to the brim with generosity and support for all those that are in their lives. They are a determined couple, both in their own ways making the world a better place.

From the venue to the details, the wedding day went off without a hinderance. I am lucky enough to call the bride a friend, and I was so happy to see her thriving on her wedding day. The Groom and Groom’s family are just as tender-hearted. A favorite part of the wedding day had to be the reception. These people can DANCE! I was wildly impressed and had a smile on my face the entire night. All my love to the newly-weds, Mr. & Mrs. Welborn.

First look with Dad!

Such a tender letter from James

The wonderful sisters!